Online Dramaturgy

'Lou helped me to get through my ideas and to find exactly what I wanted to say. I found all the work previous to the studio really useful. It was just what I needed. Now I wouldn't think about creation without her!'

Jose Agudo - Choreographer 'KI' - Phoenix Dance Theatre



More and more I am being asked to work with choreographers and performance makers online.


I help artists develop their thinking in advance of funding proposals and rehearsals to make sure they are clear about what is they want to do and how they are going to try to do it.


I also talk to them during rehearsals. We talk about how they are doing, how the performers are doing, how the piece is evolving and we address any issues or questions they might have.


They send me footage of rehearsal, footage of material and written documents.I watch these films alone, or we watch them at the same time.


I don't do this as a therapist or a psychoanalyst. I come at it all as a dramaturg, and as someone who teaches and understands process. 


Of course, as it is done online it reduces costs and can be a great way for someone with limited time and budget to engage in this type of interrogative thinking and critical support.


It can also be combined with normal face to face meetings and attendance in rehearsal.



Feel free to contact me if you think this could be of use to you.


Jelena Kostic's 'Yell Penelope' Photo: Nikola Kostic

'It is really valuable to have Lou as my virtual coach to help me sort out my thoughts and make sure that my time in a studio is spent not only on searching but also finding and setting.    


Lou has fresh and interesting ideas about art and dance and it’s a privilege to work with her. I’m glad we are continuing to work together on my next production. It’s only possible because we can continue to communicate via Skype!'


Jelena Kostic