I am happy to contribute to appropriate modules and courses as requested, but, for reference, examples of previous workshops, lectures and seminars include:




THE DRAMATURG & THE PROCESS WRITER – Don’t (Let Your Work) Be Seen Dead Without One!


A practical workshop exploring the potential of having a dramaturg or a process writer in devising processes. Drawing on personal experiences and those of a number working dramaturgs, this workshop  argues for the benefits of having ‘an outsider on the inside’ in all devising processes.


"Lou's session was  amazing, I could happily go home from the festival now feeling it was time and money well spent, just from that session alone."

SifDans participant, Bedford Uni


"5 out of 5. Amazing class that taught a new way of working. Thank you!”

Middlesex University MA Choreography





Very practical and pragmatic workshops with choreographers and performance makers on (their own experiences/fears/challenges of) process – that explore what type of maker they want to be, what type of rehearsal they want to run, what methods they want to employ to make their work, and which elements of the job they can most develop.



"5 out of 5. An interesting, inspiring and useful workshop. You've helped a lot." Middlesex University MA Choreography


"5 out of 5. One of the best sessions I have had in my 3 years at university"

Dartington College of Arts BA Theatre


RE-THINKING DIRECTING (Directing Collaborative Devising)


A practical workshop exploring the role of the director in collaborative devising processes. A specifically designed series of exercises equips participants with strategies, techniques and tips that help them take, or enable there to be, a directorial role both ‘in the thick’ and ‘on the edge’ of the performance-making process. Useful to makers of dance and theatre.


"5 out of 5. Very, very useful. Thank you for your generous and honest work."

Middlesex University MA Choreography


      WRITING PROCESS – A Creative Act

A praxis session that explores, theoretically and practically, the act of observing and writing about process. It introduces participants to different modes of writing, and promotes the notion that process writing is in itself a creative, and potentially collaborative, act that addresses questions such as ‘How can/does work survive?’, How can process be (re)presented as (the important part that it is of) product? Can multiple voices and perspectives be expressed in a singley-authored/singley-edited observation of process?  To what end? What role can writing play in the processes of dancers and performers? Useful to makers of dance and theatre.


"Writing about it all really opened my thoughts and ideas"

"Thank you! Please come back for longer!"

Middlesex University MA Choreography



This seminar presentation explores the position of the director and the dramaturg in contemporary performance devising environments. Moving on from the traditional notion of these roles, it investigates what place they can have in devising environments, and, drawing on interviews and studies of a number of contemporary dramaturgs and directors, presents a variety of strategies and approaches useful to makers of theatre and dance.