Writing Projects:


NB: I've been too busy doing dramaturgy to write about it for the past couple of years - but I have a few new projects in the pipeline...


2017 Articulating the Vision - for Fontys Dansacademie, NL


2014 'Going Au-dela: Reflections of a dramaturg and a choreographer', co-written with Koen Augustijnen from les ballets c de la b, in 'New Dramaturgies: International perspectives on Theory and Practice' edited by Katalin Trenscenyi and Bernadette Cochrane. Publiched by Methuen.  



2011 Seasoning the Soup - reflections on Lisi Estaras' les ballets c de la b project 'Soup' on which I was dramaturg. www.lesballetscdela.be


2010 ‘How do you train somebody not to belong?’  UK Journal ‘Theatre, Dance & Performance Training’. (Project Ongoing) This article will look at the role of intuition, talent and training in the Belgian dance performance scene, where a sense of ‘not belonging’ seems present in both the productions created and the individuals that create them.


2009 'Looking inward, outward, backward & forward with Alain Platel':  for UK Journal ‘Contemporary Theatre Review’. This document features an edited cut and paste of an email exchange between myself and les ballets C de la B director Alain Platel. Written as Platel toured the world with his recent show ‘pitié!’, our discussion covers the origins and hallmarks of the Flemish performance movement, Platel’s own journey, his approach to making work today, and thoughts on what he might do next.


2008 ‘Mapping the Multiple’ – a chapter in ‘Making Contemporary Theatre’ to be published by Manchester University Press in 2009. Edited by Jen Harvey and Andrew Lavender.  In 2007 I observed Belgian-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in rehearsal for 8 months as he worked with a company of 25 actors, dancers and musicians to devise the show ‘Myth’. This article reflects on the complexities of working in large collaborative processes for both director and performer.


2007 ‘Reflections on Collaborative Process’ – Belgian Journal ‘A Prior’.  As part of an enquiry into various approaches to and visions of collaboration and participation in the creative field, particularly in the context of visual arts discourse, editor Andrea Wiarda and I conducted and email interview about how the collaborative in theatre is understood and whether it has anything to teach the visual arts world about collaborative processes -  artistic, productive, economic and political.